Semalt: Essential Content Marketing Roles And Their Functions

Content marketing is a critical part of SEO, so we are always looking for the key secrets of running a successful campaign. The concept of content creation and marketing has come a long way from its early years. Back in the day, we could write anything, stuff keywords, and rank #1 because we posted first. 

Today, search engines, users, and SEO professionals have a better understanding of what it means to be the first on a search result. The process of content marketing has become much more complex. Because of its necessity, companies and websites devote resources and resolve to see that their content marketing strategies perform excellently. 

It is no longer unusual for you to see companies budgeting SEO and content marketing as a priority. 

Stepping Up Your Content Marketing Skills

As content marketers, the change in the market dynamic creates the need for us to change our approach and understanding of content marketing. We have to become more specific in our roles to ensure we achieve perfection. 

Today, content marketing teams usually comprise more than one expert. It is usually a team where every member performs a specific task. To step up your game, you need a team, and in this article, we will mention key positions and their functions. 

Director of Content Marketing

This position means the same as Chief Content Officer. This is the head of the food chain. The person occupying this position is usually the leader of the content marketing team. 

As the leader, this person is responsible for every aspect of the content marketing campaign and ensures that it results. 

Among the professional responsibilities of this post, a Chief Content Officer is required to identify the marketing goals and come up with a strategy that achieves that goal. Why do you need content marketing? Is the business breaking into a new market? Is this an effort to repair or improve the company's reputation? 

The Chief Content Officer needs to identify the main goals of a campaign. Put together a team and develop a strategy that can be used to achieve this goal.

Another important role for a DCM is that they represent the content marketing team. The person will coordinate and collaborate with other departments. When the executives need answers from content marketing, the DCM is expected to provide these answers. 

Content Marketing Manager

The Content Marketing Manager focuses on explaining the duties of each team member. As the name implies, content managers manage the content marketing teams. 

They delegate tasks and communicate the goals of every campaign. Most times, it is the content manager that serves as the bridge between the director of content marketing and the marketing team. Because the manager is present and more accessible, they are expected to ensure smooth operations in the team. 

Content Creators and Contributors

They are the life force of the content marketing team. Without content creators and contributors, content marketing will not exist. They are responsible for creating high-quality and relevant content that fuels the marketing campaign.
Content plays a key role in SEO, and its creators are vital to keeping your business at the top and relevant to viewers. When there are non-technical SEO changes to a search engine, we rely on content creators to create content around these updates, so the business will flourish. 

In a team of content creators, we have a number of teammates performing unique roles. There is writer, photographers, video creators, graphic designers, sound engineers, and more. The types of content creators you have on your team are determined by the types of content you produce.

Hiring all these workers may be expensive, so you can choose to work with freelancers. Or have an in-house team. It could be an in-office or remote job. All these options or a combination of these work setups is possible. 


Every piece of content that leaves the content marketing team's office must be properly reviewed—allowing every piece of content to leave and get published before editing is one quick way to burry a business. 

Having an editor on your team helps you avoid such mistakes. Your content editor is responsible for ensuring that all publications leaving have been reviewed and meet the required standards. 

While editing, facts are checked, and the content leaving is as error-free as possible. Sometimes, editors also make corrections to content or make certain requests. When dealing with written content, they direct the writers, spell out keywords they should use, line edit, fact check, and verify that the content meets the brand's guidelines. Video and audio editors are also important when dealing with audiovisual content. 

Content editors work tirelessly to check that the work sent to them is in its best form. It is a time-consuming and tiring job, but it is also essential and must be done correctly. 

Editorial Assistants

An editorial assistant performs tasks like uploading content, resizing and editing images, sending reminders to content creators, writing meta descriptions, and other repetitive tasks that require the services of an editorial assistant. 

As the name implies, this person works closely with the editor and creators to help in certain areas. They function in a supporting role and manage the tasks assigned to them. Editorial Assistants with good SEO knowledge can easily employ important SEO techniques to improve or support the organic ranking goals. 

An editorial assistant can be in-house staff or a freelancer. What matters the most is that there is a signed contract. We advise you to work with the same person or group to establish familiarity between your business and the content creation process. 

Community / Social Media Managers

Social media presence is a must-have for businesses today. If you're not on social media, you're leaving an entire aspect of content marketing untouched. Not only is social media a great medium for sales, but it also contributes to your brand exposure and customer relations. 

Your community or social media managers are in charge of promoting your content on social media. They also control how you engage with your audience on social networking platforms. This is a multifaced job so that it will require a lot of exposure and experience. 

A community manager should know how to make and hold a conversation with potential clients and customers. The person / team is also expected to provide customer support from time to time or have a process in place to respond and solve any issue that arises quickly. 

Finally, a community manager should be able to create short posts that excite the audience, a product, or a service. 

Analytic specialist

It would be best if you had insight when creating content. Every piece of content created must satisfy an objective. If the goal is to boost your business visibility, the type of content you create should help you achieve that goal. 

It is important to have a way to measure your performance, so you know when what you're doing is paying off or not. 

An analytic specialist interprets the result of your content marketing efforts in easy-to-understand terms. They can extract information on the real value of a campaign, help create strategies and predictions that live up to expectations or even exceed them. They also tell you when the performance falls short of their expectations. 

This person is skilled in measuring the important metrics and reporting to the stakeholders the necessary insights. With the knowledge they gather, they can see areas where content needs improvements and other factors relating to the content. They can tell you to add more Heading tags, adjust the length of the content, and many other things. 

Content Promotion Specialist

It would help if you had someone to get the word out, letting the world know that your brand / content exists. Influencers are great at this. With one tweet from the right influencer, you could gain recognition like never before. 


Content marketing involves a lot of moving parts working as one. To do it right, you must have the right team and hire the right people. The chances are that your team may not have all the roles listed above, but you should try as hard as possible to get as many as you can. 

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